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Oktober (1994) Wolfgang Rose
Oktober (1994) Wolfgang Rose
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Wolfgang Rose


associ/service das neue Knstler - und Kunstportal

25.04.2024, 00:15

Galerien und Kunstvermittler

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Ihre Wahl:
Galerie Helga K. Schiffler (343)
Galerie Helga K. Schiffler
Galerie Helga K. Schiffler „Kunst unserer Zeit“
Wiebke - Kruse Str. 14
24576 Bad Bramstedt /
Tel.: ++49 - (0) 4192 / 814 7903
Mobil: ++49 - (0) 162 / 8987781

Urban Dingo Gallery (92)
Urban Dingo Gallery

Adresse: Urban Dingo Gallery
28a queen street
Fremantle, WA 6160

Tel.: +61 8 9336 6972

Urban Dingo Gallery is a rich tapestry of styles and approaches, combining the visual and oral traditions of a people with a long and proud history to form an instantly recognised genre.

Our indigenous art has come to the fore, due to immense efforts and motivation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists - painters in particular - who have introduced the culture of Australia's people to the world.

Over the past thirty years, the art of the peoples of Australia has developed an ever widening circle of appreciation, not only as articles which tell a story, and connect people with their past, but also as modern art - to be admired for its pure, unadulterated energy and form. It is one of art's little ironies to think that what is now appreciated as modern art stems from a tradition which is well over 50,000 years old.

Urban Dingo Gallery offers a range of quality Aboriginal traditional and contemporary paintings, limited edition prints and ethnic pottery, jewellery and artefacts by the people of Northern and Western Australia as well as urban indigenous art and some contemporary non indigenous art, that fits within the philosophy of the gallery.

One of the aims of Urban Dingo Gallery is to connect young, emerging Artists with interested patrons in the arts world and to bring together the indigenous and non indigenous art and sucessfully integrate and exhibit them side by side.

Lin Onus who was one of the greatest reconciler and who married the two cultures in his artworks so sucessfully was the inspiration for Urban Dingo Gallery.


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